January 20, 2009 – a new era is here

Impressive. We’re doing a customer event here in Ft. Lauderdale today. During lunch we had a live feed of the inauguration projected onto the screens. Everyone quietly ate & watched, the room jammed to overflowing.

I got chills while Aretha Franklin sang. I couldn’t believe Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed the words to the oath of office. For me that was the only downer of the event.


Can’t wait to see what the next four years hold for us.

Thank you, Mr. Gore

I’m so glad Al Gore invented the internet. Otherwise I would have had a very frustrating evening (instead of just a kinda frustrating evening).

We gave Alix The Sims 2 game this evening and she immediately started installing it. It got to a particular point each time and then died, complaining about a video driver. Hmm. I gave it a try and it rewarded me with a BSOD, pointing to the video driver. I did a quick check online but there weren’t any updates.

I Googled around for the DLL name and ran across a newsgroup posting relating to The Sims 2 hardware requirements. Hmmm. I jumped to The Sims web site and sure enough, the graphics card on Alix’s 1 year old computer wasn’t up to snuff. They had a list of compatible cards, so with that information I searched BestBuy.com and found a number of them available, one at almost half price. Things were looking up.

I went to Dell.com and looked up the specs on Alix’s computer and yes, it has an AGP card slot. Good. I then hopped back to BestBuy.com, checked local stores for the card’s availability. Yes, the Beaverton store had a bunch of the ones that were almost 50% off in stock!

I checked reviews of various cards online and saw that the card that was on sale was deemed “good.”

So Pam and I hopped in the car and returned a couple hours later with a new video card. I plugged it in and Bam! everything worked like magic, including The Sims 2.

Life is good with the Internet.

Thank you, Mr. Gore, for inventing it. I’ll bet you would have made an excellent president.

What is this guy thinking?

Ralph Nader has thrown his hat into the 2004 Presidential race.

Does he actually think he stands a chance of winning?  Or does he just want to muck up things like he did in 2000.  Sure, take part in the process, use your name to help shape the debate, raise awareness on issues.

But for him to run as an independent is just self-serving glorification.  Hopefully he won’t raise enough signatures to get placed on the ballot.

I’m not in the “anybody but Bush” camp, but I’m definitely in the “Nader, get real” camp.

Interesting web site: http://www.ralphdontrun.net/.