I’m not Scott…

Scott Hanselman has very good guidance on his website here and here about setting up a home environment for webcasts, video recording, etc. I wanted to use my iPhone for my camera input to Camtasia running on my Windows PC. I found a way, made a recording, and put it on YouTube. And no, I’m definitely not Scott. Winking smile

Meteor shower tonight

The Perseid meteor shower is tonight.

We’re fortunate where we live to have some pretty dark skies at night. And it looks like tonight is going to be nice and clear, perfect for viewing the shower. (Last night the Milky Way stood out in all its regal haziness.)

We sat out and watched the Perseid shower last year and it was pretty spectacular. Hope tonight is just as good.

Here’s an article on Space.com (I love that domain name) about tonight’s show, including some observation tips: http://www.space.com/spacewatch/070712_perseid_meteors.html


— bliz

Hobie no more

[Update: the sale fell through. I still have my Hobie, and I don’t know if I’m going to put it up for sail again. It’s just too much fun – even if it does take a full day to get out there & back.]

I sold my Hobie yesterday, almost 6 months to the day from purchasing it. It was a blast of a boat, and it’s going to a good home. I’ll miss it big-time once the summer thunderstorms and lack of wind end, and the fall breezes fill in. But with a 50 mile drive each way, it just took too long to drive out and set it up before I could even get on the water. I would be gone most of the day on weekends just to get in 2-hours of sailing.

So instead of sailing I’ll just stick with my little skiff and motor around whenever I get the chance.

Bike ride

Well, I didn’t get to ride my bike today. Ended up taking Alix and her bug to the VW dealer to have them change out one of the bulbs in the headlight. I could have done it myself, but the engine compartment is packed so tight it was impossible. (for me, anyway)

Tomorrow. I will go for a ride on Tuesday. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes. (I have to keep up the empathy riding with Jason Mauer.

Until then, I’ve gotta get some sleep.

Night night.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 – the lights

I found out the other day that my trailer running lights aren’t working. Can’t have that, can we?

My options?

Jan Feb 2009 147 
Could it be the trailer plug? It looks ok.

Or maybe
Jan Feb 2009 148
the plug on my truck?

Or perhaps it’s the wiring – either on the boat trailer or in the truck – or perhaps a fuse…?
Jan Feb 2009 156
The well-hidden fuse box in my truck.

I don’t know, but I have a sneaky feeling that it’s a fuse. So I run down to the hardware store and buy a multi-tester to start narrowing the options.
Jan Feb 2009 149

I go online to look at the wiring diagram for a 4-pin trailer plug. The running lights are the third one down. I run back outside, turn on the truck’s lights, and connect one wire to that pin, and the other to the frame of the truck. No juice. I turn on the left turn signal, connect the wire to that plug – juice. OK. It’s not the trailer’s fault.

I take the dash panel of my truck apart, looking for the fuse box. According to the owner manual it’s on the right side of the instrument console. Can’t find the darn thing. Stumped, I go back online to see if the location is described better there. Lots of others have the same question – and the answer? It’s by the passenger’s right foot, down by the floor. Ugh. OK.

So back out in the truck, I immediately locate it. I pull the cover – and a boatload of fuses and ICs stare back at me. It takes a while, but I locate the fuse for the trailer running lights. And it’s blown. Cool!

One more trip, this time to the auto parts store, buy a pack of fuses, and I’m good to go. Mission accomplished.

Microsoft worldwide telescope

Call me speechless.

I finally got around to downloading this software. It is absolutely amazing. The images are stunning, and the UI is so intuitive. I could stay up all night, gazing into the heavens, er, my laptop screen.

If you haven’t seen it, go download it today. http://www.worldwidetelescope.org

If you’re a fan of the night sky, you’ll find it breathtaking.


The underwater housing that I’d ordered from Amazon.com arrived today, in time for the little vacation Pam and I are going to take on Sunday. For practice I rented a tank from Divers Supply (best dive shop in the world) and geared up for some underwater fun.

The camera is a Cannon PowerShot SD1000. Really nice camera. The instruction manual for the housing had instructions for setting the camera to underwater mode, which helps filter out some of the blueness that’s always there. Sweet. I hadn’t checked out the various modes for the camera until now.

The audio in the video is the real deal – I didn’t add it after the fact. It’s the audio the camera recorded during the filming. It totally surprised me. I wasn’t really expecting it to record any interesting sounds. So far I’ve tested the case in my pool at 5′ with no leaks. It’s rated to go 130 feet deep. If it works as advertised (and it has so far), this is going to be fun!

I was wearing a full wetsuit including hood. The water was a freezing 68 degrees. At first I tried to wade in wearing just the shorty (no legs), but EEK! that was cold. I’m such a wimpo. Ended up spending about 40 minutes in the pool with the camera, practicing swooping down on an object and taking a quick shot.

During the afternoon session I noticed my regulator was acting up. It was seeping a constant stream of air. Not a lot, but enough to have it checked out before the vacation. I switched over to Zach’s and it had a wide open flow – not good. I drove back over to Divers Supply and the tech was able to get me fixed up right away. I left Zach’s gear behind for a full servicing.

When I got back home I hopped back into my wetsuit (COLD! because it was still wet) and did some night photography. There’s not too much interesting stuff in the pool, although I did see an undersea creature. Shocking.

Thinking about going to Mt Hood soon?

Don’t do it. Save your time and your money. It’s not worth it until they get a huge dump of snow. Right now it’s pretty pathetic.

I only took one run down the mountain yesterday and felt like I was risking my life. There were so many spots that had only a hint of snow covering the ground that was easily visible beneath it, I was really glad I didn’t catch an edge and take a tumble. That would have been very painful.

The bright side of last night was that it wasn’t windy, so while I waited on my son and his friend to meet me at the lodge I didn’t freeze.

Yes! We’re going snowboarding!

The weather is cooperating! The high at Mt. Hood for today is supposed to be only 25 degrees. Snow is falling. They’ve had 4 inches of new snow in the last 12 hours, and the winds are relatively calm.

Zach and I found all our snow gear last night and are going to head to the mountain with one of his buddies around noon. Should be loads of fun.  : )


As good as last week’s tennis was on Men’s Doubles 4.5 Night, this week’s was the complete opposite. My ground strokes were off. My serve was off. My returns of serve were off. My volleys were off. My overheads were off. I completely sucked. And not just sucked, but sucked REAL BAD. Oof! It hurts just to think about it now. I went from not losing a set last week to not winning a set this week. Total, complete, utter reversal. Isn’t it “interesting” (read CRAPPY) the way things balance out.