Sunset with Pelican

Friday evening was shaping up to be gorgeous, so I took Pelican out for a sail to watch the sunset. The bay was pretty settled with little wind, which made for a very relaxing evening. By the time I finished putting Pelican away the sky had turned from purple to black, with the moon and stars shining above.


About halfway through the video you’ll see me hold up something black and gray in front of the camera. As I was adjusting the flexible tripod mound I accidentally snapped half of one of the legs off. It looks fixable, but in case it’s not, I’ve already ordered another one.

Sunsets. They never get old.


Pelican’s first cookout

Hungry sailors aren’t happy sailors, so before Zach and I took Pelican out this morning we grabbed some hamburger meat, buns, chips, and cookout gear. The kids gave me the grill a while back, but hadn’t put it to use yet.

We took the video camera with us to record the event for posterity. Gorgeous day until the afternoon showers arrived, but we made it back to the dock without having to rush.

The burgers were delicious. Going to have to do that more often.

Oh, and did you know that Zach can dive in time to music? True.