Curious about Xamarin for Win8, IOS, and Android?

Here are some notes about downloading and setting up Xamarin’s Field Service sample app in Visual Studio. (It’s one of Xamarin’s cross platform sample apps. It includes a project for WinRT, iOS, Android, all of which leverage the same core set of business logic.)

I assume you already have Visual Studio 2012 and Xamarin installed on your Windows 8 dev box (and Xamarin on a Mac if you’re going to build / run the app on an IOS simulator).

Download Xamarin’s prebuilt apps from their public git repository
c:\repos> git clone xamarinPrebuilt

Also download SQLite-net from their public repo
c:\repos\xamarinPrebuilt\fieldservice\dependencies\sqlite-net> git clone

Open the VS version of the Field Service solution (FieldService.VisualStudio.sln).

Set the WinRT project as the startup project.
Build and deploy the app and kick the tires.
Looks nice, eh?

You’ll have to manually add the IOS project to the FieldService solution. (Not sure why it wasn’t already a part of the solution, but it’s easy to add.)

If it’s not open already, open the Field Service solution (FieldService.VisualStudio.sln)
Add the FieldService.IOS project to the solution
Add the Bing Maps SDK for Windows RT via NuGet

Before you run the IOS version in the simulator, be sure to enter something in the IOS project’s properties for application name, identifier, and version. Otherwise the simulator may go crazy.
Set the IOS project as the startup project
Debug toolbar should have Debug, iPhoneSimulator, iPad 6.1

Run it.

Yep. It really works. C# and Visual Studio for Windows 8, IOS, and Android.

Handy reference for the IOS Simulator gestures: