Developer, do your Windows 8 Metro style tiles look like this?

Have all the Metro style apps and samples that you’ve created all gotten a disease of little X’s in the lower right corner of every tile, like an outbreak of the chicken pox?

What the …?


And if you try to launch one of the apps you created, do you see this screen?

“Store     Your developer license has expired. To continue to use this app, please renew your license.”

So how do you renew your license?

All you need to do is open Visual Studio 11 Beta and run a Windows Metro style project. Any Windows Metro style project will do, including a Blank Application. Just open it (or create it) and run it.

Visual Studio will then prompt you to update your developer license


Then you’ll need to click “Yes” on the next screen that pops up, and you’ll be prompted for your Microsoft ID credentials. Then voila! Your developer license will be reset and you’ll be able to run your apps you created.  (Note that you don’t have to recompile all your apps.)


Happy Windows 8 Metro style app developing!

[Update: If this action didn’t work for you, take a look at this forum post and this Dev Center article. If none of this works for you, reply to the forum post and let them know you’re having issues renewing the license.]

— bliz (@snowstormlife)

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