Fishing report

Woke up before sunrise again this morning and stepped out back to do a little fishing. Did the same thing yesterday morning and caught a nice little spotted sea trout. Figured, why not give it a try again today?

The sky was blue, the sun was trying to climb its way up, and the fish were active, making swirls all over the calm inlet. But they weren’t hungry this time. (At least, not for the spoon I used yesterday.)

A couple of boats slowly motored down the inlet, heading out for a day of fun. We waved at each other as they passed.

And now, just a few minutes later, a fog is rolling in from the east. I can barely see the trees about a half mile up the inlet as the fog takes over. The beautiful warm sunshine is gone, and the sky is a cold gray. That was fast. It’s turned into a nice day to stay inside.

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