Dolphins at play

Last Saturday morning I woke up early and headed out on my little boat to take some sunrise pictures on the Little Manatee River.

As I headed out of the Ruskin Inlet towards the river, still in a “no wake” zone, I came upon a few small dolphin. I idled the motor and while I watched, the dolphins came over to check me out. They hung around for a couple of minutes then headed out the inlet into the river.

Once in the river, instead of taking sunrise pictures, I changed my plan – to see if the dolphins would play in my boat’s wake. My boat is just a little skiff, and doesn’t make very much wake at all, but between 6 – 10 mph it does create some off the stern. So I headed downriver and spotted them over to one side. I kept my speed steady and saw them start swimming perpendicular to me – towards me.

And suddenly, there they were! I was able to catch the events on video. . .

Dolphins on the Little Manatee River