A little water above and below

We went kayaking again yesterday at Ft DeSoto Park, our favorite kayak hang-out. This time we had a welcoming committee though: a huge swarm of mosquitoes waiting at our launch site. They were thick as could be, forcing us to quickly unload the kayaks and jump into the water, just to keep them off our legs. Looked like I’d been playing paintball I had so many blood-red splats on my legs from squishing them. Once we got into the middle of the canal, the mosquitoes, happily sated, left us alone.

fd1  fd2  fd3

We started with mosquitoes, ran through a bit of cooling rain, then the clouds parted and gave us some wonderful sunshine.

fd4  fd5  fd6

Ft. DeSoto is a kayaking paradise. There are abundant mangroves, manatee swim close by to investigate what you’re doing, an occasional dolphin or two will cruise by. It’s a beautiful place.

Even though we were out on Labor Day Saturday, we didn’t have to fight traffic on the roads or in the water. It was as peaceful as could be.

Pam’s friend, Holly, went with us this time. I left her and Pam to chat with each other, while I hung out alone and did a little fishing. I had a number strikes, but never could time setting the hook, so no fish dinner Saturday night. It was so peaceful, so relaxing. I let the light breeze drift me along the water. Occasionally I’d spook a school of Reds, all of them scattering in a cloud of dust in all directions. My fishing technique leaves a lot to be desired, but catching something wasn’t a high priority anyway. Getting out and listening to the peace and quiet was.

Good times.