Two cows

This morning as I was driving to Fort Lauderdale, I passed a couple of cars parked by the side of the road. The people looked kind of excited, but I didn’t see anyone in trouble; didn’t see any type of collision.

Then I looked on over into the field beside them and saw a mama cow taking care of a very newborn calf. How cool is that?

Pretty cool.

Configuration Day

Man. Today was configuration day.

I discovered yesterday that one of the memory sticks in my demo machine had gone bad. The memory is covered under warranty, so no problems there, but the machine is going to be short 25% for a week or two.

After identifying the bad stick and pulling it out, things are working much better. No more memory-caused BSOD.

Lately the same machine has been powering itself down at random times. Not very often – not often enough or at the same time to be able to determine a pattern – but often enough for me to get concerned about the machine and call customer support. It even dropped dead this morning – so it’s not being caused by the bad memory stick. AC adapter plugged in, battery healthy. BAM! No power.

The machine itself is still under warranty, so again, no problem there, but, the manufacturer wants to replace the system board… which isn’t in stock. It might be a few days (weeks?) until it gets replaced.

Looks like I’ll be living on the edge for a while.

So, today I spent a lot of time sprucing up my backup machine for my upcoming customer presentations, just in case the primary demo machine takes a dive while I’m out and about.

It’s great working with Hyper-V images – makes it easy to get the demos going on the backup machine by exporting from the “wounded” machine and importing over here. I have a number of VHD files, and it takes a while to copy them though, even using eSATA drives.

Just a little bit more cleaning up to do, then I’ll be good to go on either machine.

June 6, 2010 – 11:04 PM

It’s late. And it’s still 82 degrees and humid as can be outside, and not a hint of a breeze.

I worked with Swampy this morning for a couple of hours, trying to teach him to load into the trailer. I’m taking it real slow – baby steps – a little bit at a time. Tomorrow might be the day he actually loads. . . . unless I take the Hobie out for some sailing in the morning. (Not sure if it’s going to be windy enough though.)