Going fishing in the morning

It’s been way too long since Pam and I have done that.

Since I bought the Hobie I haven’t been out in the skiff at all. But tomorrow morning, lookout fish! here we come! (I think I’m gonna take the Hobie out on Sunday morning though. A double-fun weekend!)

We launch from Ft. DeSoto park, which is a bit of a hike from the house. But the boat ramps are fabulous, the place is beautiful, and it’s right at the mouth of Tampa Bay, just off the south tip of St. Pete. All the small, low islands definitely give the place a Keys vibe. And this time of year the Manatee and dolphins should be out and about.

The weather forecast looks awesome; the tides are going to be just right. I’ve checked and there’s plenty of Coppertone in the boat. I’ve pumped the trailer’s Buddy Bearings full of grease. Only one stop on the way there, at the gas station / bait shop for a few dozen live shrimp and maybe a couple of Subway sandwiches. And then we’ll be fishing.

Ahhh, Florida living at its finest.

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