Sunday, February 1, 2009 – the lights

I found out the other day that my trailer running lights aren’t working. Can’t have that, can we?

My options?

Jan Feb 2009 147 
Could it be the trailer plug? It looks ok.

Or maybe
Jan Feb 2009 148
the plug on my truck?

Or perhaps it’s the wiring – either on the boat trailer or in the truck – or perhaps a fuse…?
Jan Feb 2009 156
The well-hidden fuse box in my truck.

I don’t know, but I have a sneaky feeling that it’s a fuse. So I run down to the hardware store and buy a multi-tester to start narrowing the options.
Jan Feb 2009 149

I go online to look at the wiring diagram for a 4-pin trailer plug. The running lights are the third one down. I run back outside, turn on the truck’s lights, and connect one wire to that pin, and the other to the frame of the truck. No juice. I turn on the left turn signal, connect the wire to that plug – juice. OK. It’s not the trailer’s fault.

I take the dash panel of my truck apart, looking for the fuse box. According to the owner manual it’s on the right side of the instrument console. Can’t find the darn thing. Stumped, I go back online to see if the location is described better there. Lots of others have the same question – and the answer? It’s by the passenger’s right foot, down by the floor. Ugh. OK.

So back out in the truck, I immediately locate it. I pull the cover – and a boatload of fuses and ICs stare back at me. It takes a while, but I locate the fuse for the trailer running lights. And it’s blown. Cool!

One more trip, this time to the auto parts store, buy a pack of fuses, and I’m good to go. Mission accomplished.

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