Yesterday afternoon Dave Scruggs told me about the Pandora Gadget – an interface into I’d never heard of either before.

If you haven’t heard of it, you ought to check it out. You can create various “stations” where you identify an artist or song, and Pandora will automatically grab music that’s similar and create a station that plays that type of music. It’s sweet. And the service is free!

You have the ability to vote thumbs up (play more like this) or thumbs down (don’t ever play this song again).

Here’s the expanded view:

And the smaller view:

I could sit at my computer all day long now. (As long as I keep the blinds closed & don’t see the nice warm sun shining down. 🙂 )

One issue I had when first getting started with the Pandora gadget: after I’d listened to a few songs and got hooked, it asked me to register. That wasn’t an issue. But the gadget UI wouldn’t allow me to scroll, and I couldn’t see all the entry fields, even in expanded view. I went to and registered there. That took care of things.

Try it out. You’ll be hooked.

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