December 28 – foggy morning

I just love the scenery around here, don’t you?

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This morning it was foggy again, so when I went out to feed the horses I grabbed the camera and snapped a few photos. I covet that tree in the picture on the left above. It’s on my neighbor’s property. It’s huge, and it’s gotta be pretty old. Nice shade tree for their cows. My horses would love it. And my neighbor on the east side also has a nice large oak tree. My dinky one is there in the foreground. Give it a few years and the shade will be wonderful.


OK. So after admiring the trees for a while, I finally gave the horses some feed. There’s something about a foggy morning that makes things so peaceful. The sounds are muffled and the colors are muted. And when the fog burns off and it’s a clear, sunny day, there’s nothing more beautiful.



065   066

Louie likes to come out with me most mornings. He thinks he’s king of the farm (except when the neighbor’s older cats come over for a visit). At horse feeding time he’ll hide in the hay and peer out at the horses when they come up to eat. He’s such a clown, but the horses don’t mind.

Anyway, life is so peaceful out here.

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