Line ’em up






It’s the tropical storm busy season – and this year has had a bumper crop. The folks in south Florida have had a difficult time focusing on anything but the storms that have been rolling in every few days.

Fortunately it looks like Hanna is going to stay to the east east enough to miss Florida, but NA / SC aren’t out of the woods yet. Still to early to tell what’s going to happen with Ike & Josephine. . .

We found out last week that at our new place when we lose power we also lose our water. And our well doesn’t have one of those old-time pump handles. I have some fresh water stockpiled, but that’s not going to help with baths & toilets. (I suppose the pool would work for bathing. ; ) ) . Need to consider some type of emergency generator for the house (besides the little one that I bought when we first moved to FL 3 years ago).