Hurricane Gustov and TS Hanna

Poor New Orleans is right there in the center of the bulls eye for Gustav. Forecasted to make landfall sometime early morning to the west of New Orleans, it is expected to grow to a category 4 hurricane.


MSNBC has a nice interactive tracking program here:

And we really shouldn’t forget about little Tropical Storm Hanna. It’s been biding its time out in the Atlantic, slowly creeping westward towards the Bahamas, well under the radar with Gustav getting all the attention. But, the forecast is bringing it mighty close to south Florida.

Could this be a huge 1-2 punch for LA and FL?

TS Fay makes landfall

Fay hit the state for a second time this morning a little bit south of Ft. Myers. The good news (for Tampa folks anyway) is that it seems to be drifting more to the east as it heads north.

We haven’t had a drop of rain from it yet. So far the prevailing wind keeps shearing the rain eastward as it tries to approach Tampa. The forecast still predicts a bunch of rain, but looks like Fay isn’t going to make it beyond a TS.

No complaints here.

Joe Healy has a bunch of good weather links on his site if you’re interested in seeing what the latest looks like.