Old school tennis

Around noon our cable TV went out. It’s still out now, 3.5 hours later. And today the Wimbledon men’s singles final is being played. As a result, I pressure washed the lanai and pool area.

I found Wimbledon Radio online and during rest breaks I’ve been able to catch a number of points – including the 4th set tiebreaker. British accents calling the match, fans ooh-ing and aah-ing, players (well, Nadal) grunting, the sound of the rackets striking the ball.

I’ve finished the pressure washing, taken a bath, and am sitting on the couch listening to the match. They’re on serve in the 5th set, with Federer serving at 4-4.

Update: Well, Nadal took the match, 9-7 in the 5th set. Amazing tennis from what I heard on the “radio” and have read online. Sad I couldn’t have watched more of it, but the sounds of the match will be with me for a while. Called the cable TV company – a technician won’t be out until Tuesday morning.

Update2: Just found videos of the 4th set tiebreaker and the entire 5th set on NBCSports.com. Wow.