No power?

So what happened yesterday afternoon? If you live in Florida you probably know what I’m talking about. Around 1:10 PM we lost power at home. And apparently most of the state lost power at the same time. I was on the phone with people in Tampa and Ft Lauderdale and both of them lost power too. My wife’s school lost power for two hours.

What’s up with that?

As I was resetting my alarm clock last night in my sleep-fogged brain, I accidentally set it an hour ahead without realizing it (kinda like an early daylight savings time present to me). It wasn’t until after I’d showered this morning that I looked at my watch and noticed it was only 5:15 AM. Whaaaaat? I’m currently on my 3rd cup of coffee.

I just checked CNN online and found a story about it. ( There was a failed switch and a fire at an electrical substation outside Miami. Utility workers are still trying to figure out what happened.

Did you lose power too?

Under the weather

Wow. Last week Joe Healy tried his best to give me his whopper of a head / chest cold, and I’ve been fighting it for a few days now. I brought in the big guns last night: Mucinex, Robitussin, Claritin, and Tylenol. I’m trying to avoid the prescription drugs for now, and I seem to be holding my own. (But my stomach rattles when I walk.)

Good news is that I’ve been able to stay upright all day today and accomplish a bunch of things . Yesterday afternoon was a bust.