Roller coasters at Busch Gardens

We went to Busch Gardens on December 26, trying to get the most out of our annual passes, which are about to expire on 12/31. Pam didn’t go, but I took Zach, Brittany, Alix, Jeffrey, and Jeffrey’s sister. I tagged along with them, trying not to be a 5th wheel, and had a great time. They always do a circuit of the roller coasters; it had been a couple of years for me. I usually hang out with Pam and look at animals, ride the train, eat – you know, kinda sedate stuff. But I got my fill of excitement this day.

First up: Montu. Zach and Brittany sitting in the row in front of me. Alix, Jeffrey, and his sister ended up on the next run. I wound up sitting in a row of random strangers, but they were a hoot to listen to. Lots of good screaming. And of course the classic “I wanna do it again!” once the terror was over. Me? I felt like I’d been run through a blender, waterfall, and tidal wave, all in one.

The next leg: Kumba. If you thought Montu was intense, wait till you get a peek at Kumba. Zach and Brittany are to my right; Alix, Jeffrey, and his sister were in the next car behind. I had another good view on the end. Kumba was so much more radical than Montu. OOF!!!! The loops were so much tighter and faster! The ride so much bumpier. Afterwards I felt like I needed to check into the hospital for a few days. Or take a nice, long, Caribbean cruise. Man, totally intense.

(To all the kids who view this: No, I didn’t hold my arm way out to the side to shoot the video. You kidding? I didn’t want to lose an arm! The camera was safely inside the car.)

Next up: Shekra! 90 degrees straight down drop. I’ve never been on it before, and after Montu and Kumba, didn’t know if today was really the day I wanted to. I ended up with a middle of the row seat, but still had a good view. Had the camera all ready to go, just like on Montu and Kumba. But when the park person came by to make sure everyone was strapped in OK, she signaled the controller and my harness popped up. “Put your camera in the bin over there.” Crap. What’s up with that? So I didn’t get to film the action. The ride was pretty cool, though. Not as intense as Kumba, and smoother feeling than Montu. (Anything is smoother feeling than Kumba!) The drop was exciting. I felt weightless for a couple of seconds – seem like 20 – and it felt like we were dropping past 90 degrees straight down – almost a bit upside down. Great rush.

The kids were ready to move on to Gwazi. But by now, I’d had enough. I was really hungry and didn’t need another shakedown, so I sat with the rest of the losers while they enjoyed this one. (We somehow missed the 5th roller coaster, but none of us felt like going back to make the circuit complete.)

On the way home from all the tumbling we popped into Taco Bell for some nice comfort food. It’s good to be alive. : )

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