Monday morning

Slept in an extra half hour – it was raining and the sky was gray. The air had cooled off into the 60s overnight and Pam opened the sliding glass door onto the lanai.

For breakfast, a couple of small cinnamon raisin bagels topped with peanut butter, a cup of Kona Blend coffee.

I’m ready to take on the week.

Team System 2008 Beta 2 into VPC

I’m almost done with my VPC build-out of VSTS 2008 this weekend. I’ve had a good time doing it even though I had to do a couple of extra installs before getting everything right.

Last night while things were about to finish I went over to Scott Hanselman’s blog. One of his most recent posts was about IIS7. When I was a developer evangelist a while back I used to do a talk on IIS6, so I was interested to see what Scott had to say about IIS7.

The presentation was excellent, of course, but I was even more taken with the form of the presentation. He had recorded a Camtasia video and had used the picture in picture feature to record a head shot while he was working. I really enjoyed watching it – the facial expressions, the occasional gesture, etc, made it more personal. And it wasn’t over-produced. I felt like I was on a late night webcam session with the master himself. Just him and me. Fun.

Anyway, after watching the video I decided to fire up my copy of Camtasia and try things out. The PIP was easy – nothing fancy to do there.

(All this time my VPC installation is still working in the background.)

I haven’t taken time to play with Camtasia very much since I bought it a few weeks ago. So I recorded a couple of short clips then did some editing on them. I used my USB earphones/ microphone. VPC running all the while in the background.

I popped back over to Scott’s site and watched Carl Franklin doing an excellent version of a Steely Dan song. (Man, that guy is talented!)

Back to Camtasia. After futzing around a bit I had it render a WMA video output.

I noticed the VPC image hadn’t done anything in a while. . . The Windows Updates weren’t updating any longer. Hmmmm. There was a pretty big slowdown across my entire system while I had all the stuff running (VPC install, Camtasia, Carl’s video, Scott’s video).

Then late night thinking took over.

I got a bit impatient with the VPC image – wanted to finish the thing…. So I thought I’d close the image & not save the updates, and go back to the prior saved version. Fired up that one, started the final massive set of Windows Updates one more time. . . but it stalled out in the same place.

Rats. Not good.

I created a new differencing disk off the base image I’d created, then started the last several steps over again. It added a few more hours to the build-out, but it was worthwhile. The massive Windows Update went through like a breeze (a calm, slow breeze, but it never stalled out).

So now I’m listening to Jimmy Buffett while the last software install (MSDN for VS2008 Beta 2) finishes up. After that it’s create-a-backup-time, then the playing will really begin.

I’ve noticed that installing TFS 2008 is fairly simple. The abbreviated list is:
* Created VPC VHD – 25 GB
* Windows Server 2003
* IIS6
* Windows Update
* Create special user accounts
* SQL Server 2005
[stopped here to make the above my base image, the following was done as a differencing disk off the base image.]
* Team Foundation Server 2008
* Team Build
* Office 2007
* Project Pro 2007
* Windows Update
* Team Explorer
* VS Team Suite 2008
* MSDN for VS 2008
* Windows Update

Nothing to it. 🙂