Well, this is really lame. is currently dead.

I held on the phone at WebHost4Life for about 20 minutes before a tech support person answered. They said they had to redirect my web site to an empty folder because it was taking up 100% CPU on the web server.

They’ve told me to review my files to see what’s causing the problem. But I can’t view the files because they’ve got the stupid thing redirected to an empty folder. Hard to debug something when it’s invisible.

This is so frustrating.


We went to Mexico for Thanksgiving week. Progreso, Mexico is a very poor city. We visited a little cemetery that was about 300 years old. The grave sites looked like a little city of their own, brightly painted to indicate Mayan ancestors.

Where oh where is Snowstormlife????

Man, I can’t believe that may be on its last legs. Apparently one of the applications on my site caused the web server at WebHost4Life to spike at 100% CPU. They’ve taken the entire SnowstormLife site offline. Ouch. Gotta look into this. . .