Welcome back, telephone company

About 6 weeks ago I switched over to Vonage. I had talked to a few others who had the service and they said it was reliable, had an excellent signal, and a great price. Cool! Technology to the rescue for my high phone bills.

So I switched.

And my wife immediately was unhappy. She noticed feedback and echoing during conversations. She noticed the message waiting indicator sometimes didn’t work. She noticed that occasionally our internet service would go out and she couldn’t make or receive phone calls.

I noticed my wife was extremely picky.

Umph! I don’t think I ever called her a be-atch to her face. No, I would never do that. Well, maybe once. Hmmm. Things were really going downhill.

A couple of weeks ago when I received a “Please come back and we’ll give you 3 months free” letter from the phone company, I jumped for joy! I immediately called them (using my cell phone because cable happened to be out and I couldn’t make a call from my regular telephone (son of a be-atch!)) and begged them to switch me back.

The switch back happened yesterday. Live is once again serene in the Blizzard household.

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