Where’s Halo 2?

Ever since I grabbed my copy of Halo 2 back in early November with Greg and Jason, my son hasn’t played any other XBOX game – until last night, that is. He had a buddy sleep over and there they were, playing NFL Fever 2004. I was amazed. They tried to play it on XBOX Live, but nobody else was online wanting to play it.

Since Halo 2 came out the only other games I’ve seen people in my friends list playing have been Rainbow 6 Three and Ghost Recon 2. I’ve played some Ghost Recon Island Thunder lately (I don’t have GR2)…

Why not Halo 2 for me? Zach says I ruin his chances at advancing up the Halo 2 online ranks whenever I play. (And it’s true… I stink at it. I need to get a second XBOX Live account so I can play with the level 3 & 4 folks.)

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