We’re spending Christmas -> New Years at home this year. It’s not as exotic as Depoe Bay, but it’s still nice and relaxing. I’m sitting by the front window which faces south, where the sun should be. It’s trying to break its way through the clouds but having a tough time of it. (Come on sun, I’m rooting for you!)

I’m just chillin… reading “Faithful” between cat naps. Ah, this is the way to relax.  : )

It’s already back in the closet

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. We had a good one here at the Blizzard household. The kids let us sleep in a bit, which was very nice, and we didn’t start opening presents until after we had eaten breakfast.

Yesterday evening as I was watching one of the football games on TV, I decided to make myself productive and started taking down the Christmas tree. We have a pretty big artificial tree that looks pretty real. (When Rory came over last week he took a sniff to see if it was real.)

So there I was at 6 PM on Christmas day, football game on in the background and me taking down Christmas tree ornaments. It didn’t take too long, and I won’t have that undone chore hanging over my head until after New Year’s like I did last year.

Happy New Year everyone…

Welcome back, telephone company

About 6 weeks ago I switched over to Vonage. I had talked to a few others who had the service and they said it was reliable, had an excellent signal, and a great price. Cool! Technology to the rescue for my high phone bills.

So I switched.

And my wife immediately was unhappy. She noticed feedback and echoing during conversations. She noticed the message waiting indicator sometimes didn’t work. She noticed that occasionally our internet service would go out and she couldn’t make or receive phone calls.

I noticed my wife was extremely picky.

Umph! I don’t think I ever called her a be-atch to her face. No, I would never do that. Well, maybe once. Hmmm. Things were really going downhill.

A couple of weeks ago when I received a “Please come back and we’ll give you 3 months free” letter from the phone company, I jumped for joy! I immediately called them (using my cell phone because cable happened to be out and I couldn’t make a call from my regular telephone (son of a be-atch!)) and begged them to switch me back.

The switch back happened yesterday. Live is once again serene in the Blizzard household.

Strings, strings, and more strings

Last week I broke a string in my tennis racket. Saturday afternoon I restrung it then hit for an hour on Sunday. Last night while I was playing doubles I snapped the strings again. Grrr. I must have nicked one of the main strings with the clamps as I was stringing it.

I was much more careful this morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through the night without breaking them again.

Where’s Halo 2?

Ever since I grabbed my copy of Halo 2 back in early November with Greg and Jason, my son hasn’t played any other XBOX game – until last night, that is. He had a buddy sleep over and there they were, playing NFL Fever 2004. I was amazed. They tried to play it on XBOX Live, but nobody else was online wanting to play it.

Since Halo 2 came out the only other games I’ve seen people in my friends list playing have been Rainbow 6 Three and Ghost Recon 2. I’ve played some Ghost Recon Island Thunder lately (I don’t have GR2)…

Why not Halo 2 for me? Zach says I ruin his chances at advancing up the Halo 2 online ranks whenever I play. (And it’s true… I stink at it. I need to get a second XBOX Live account so I can play with the level 3 & 4 folks.)

So that’s how you send your space an e-mail…

If you’re using and wonder how people are updating their spaces via e-mail, it’s not that difficult – the information is just buried.


From you spaces home, click on Settings then Mobile Settings. You have to turn on mobile publishing, identify the “from” e-mail address from which your e-mail posts will be sent, provide a secret word (more on that in a bit), then tell the system if you want the posts to be saved as drafts or published immediately. (The secret word that you provide is appended to your spaces name, such as


Just send an e-mail from the account you specified to the e-mail address.


Stirred, not shaken

I’m stirring things up a bit and am anxious to see what happens as a result…  Makes life very interesting. : )

On another front I played 4 hours of tennis last night. By the time the final set was over I could barely walk. I’m curious to hear what my doctor will have to say about my lovely toenails during my physical on Friday. Some are a bit purple (OK, black) from all the pounding my toes have taken on the tennis courts. Hmm. Maybe I should wear some shoes….


After hearing about my brother’s Hotmail account being bumped to 250 MB, and seeing Pam’s jump to that size, I was beginning to wonder if I’d been forgotten about. But I just checked my hotmail this morning and – wow! – I now have mega-space, too.

Life is so much better now.

Hello, world…

Hello blog world from the comfort and safety of SPACES.MSN.COM.

I have another blog on my site at:, but I thought it would be interesting to give the MSN blog software a try.

It’s crappy cold outside today – overcast with high humidity, which makes it seem even colder. Summers in Vancouver, Washington, are a dream, but the winters are everything you’ve ever read about winters in the Northwest.



I really like my MSDN subscription and Virtual PC. Yeah, even though I work for Microsoft and can get access to pretty much any version of MS software I need off the corporate network, since I don’t work on campus the network bandwitdh can be an issue (slow). But with my MSDN Universal subscription I usually have everything I need literally at my fingertips. The MSDN DVDs are sweet.

I’m going to be giving the .NETDA user group presentation on Monday, December 6, in Redmond. It’s all about IIS6 for web developers. I was using an old Windows Server 2003 VPC that I had been monkeying with for quite a while and decided I wanted to use a clean image for my demos. I popped open Virtual PC, told it I wanted to make a new image, popped in my Windows Server 2003 disk from the MSDN subscription, and I was off and running. I’m just about done installing everything including SQL Server 2000 and Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh. So now I still have my old VPC image that I can play with plus a brand-spanking-new image that I can use for my presentation.

See you in Redmond on the 6th.