The heavy lifting shouldn’t be in the UI

My friend Joe Stegman has a few videos on Channel 9 that he made with Robert Scoble. In one he demonstrates the power of the Windows Forms designer in Visual Studio 2005, which allows you to create professional looking applications with relative ease. The new designer lets you spend your time adding value to your application in the “business” layer rather than spending all your time creating the UI.

Take a look…

Look out San Jose, a blizzard’s coming!

I’m going to be heading to San Jose on September 21 for a team meeting / planning session with my teammates from across the west region.

So on that Tuesday evening (9/21), Ian and I are going to meet at some eating establishment (hopefully a mall food court) for a Nerd Dinner, San Jose style.

What: San Jose Nerd Dinner
When: Tuesday, September 21, starting around 6:30pm or so
Where: Tied House (
Why: Because even rich nerds in San Jose have to eat sometime

Be there and be cool.

100 years

Have you heard “100 Years” by Five for Fighting? Excellent song. I love that song. It’s my favorite song in the whole world (right now, anyway). The entire album is full of good songs, too.

I’m listening to streaming music from MSN Radio Plus using Windows Media Player 10. It’s cheaper than XM radio and doesn’t require a special receiver. : )