Portland Nerd Dinner in San Diego – recap

I met a few new Portland nerds (well, they’ve been in Portland for a while, and they’re not new to Nerddom, but I’d never met them at a Nerd Dinner before, so that makes them a new Portland nerd (and no, that does not mean that the world revolves around me (although sometimes (OK frequently) it does (to me anyway)))) at the Portland Nerd Dinner – San Diego last night. The subject matter was the same – geekage. The food was similar – crappy food court mall food is crappy food court mall food, no matter where you are in the country.

But the atmosphere was completely different. The food court is outside. It wasn’t raining. What the hell is up with that? It was just too confusing for us folks with webbed feet.

Anyway, the discussions were fast and furious. One of the new guys I had fun talking to was Darren, IT Manager from Harry’s Fresh Foods. (He’s on the far right in the photo.)

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