When mall security guards get nervous

Well, there was a tremendous turnout for the Portland Nerd Dinner last night. The MSDN folks came to see what all the hoopla is about. They even bought us some crappy mall food. (Boy, do they know they way to win the hearts of nerds.)

The MSDN’ers sprinkled themselves among the other nerds during the food-eating contest (the one to keep it down the longest wins!).

Afterwards they had a panel discussion / feedback session where the Portland nerds got to tell them what they like / don’t like about the MSDN site. (Needless to say, SEARCH was one of the first topics mentioned. :o) ) The MSDN group took lots of notes.

During the panel discussion a couple of nervous looking mall security guards started loitering nearby. I went on a preemptive strike. They just wanted to make sure we weren’t some fanatical religious group that was getting ready for an assault on all the people in the mall. Heh.

Other blog entries and photos are all over the web now.

Thanks to all who came. Hope you had a good time.

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