Sunfish no more

I bought a Sunfish sailboat a couple of years ago when I lived just minutes from Lake Washington. Living that close to the water, it was very easy for me to get home from work and be on the water in less than an hour. It made for some fun evenings in the Northwest where it can stay light until 9:30pm during the summer.

When I moved to the Portland area last year I took the boat out on the Columbia River a couple of times. That was quite an adventure. The Columbia is fairly quick, and there has to be a steady breeze else you’ll end up way downriver with no way to get back. I only took the boat out twice the whole year.

Rather than try to rationalize hanging onto the boat any longer, I decided to put it up for sale on EBay. Pam is a big EBay shopper, and I figured it was time to get some money flowing into the checking account from that site.

What a great idea. (And Pam will claim that it was her idea until hell freezes over. (Uh, maybe she’s right.))

I took a few photos on a sunny day and uploaded them – even supersized them. I wrote a glowing description of the boat, trailer, and dolly.

I signed up for a 7-day auction. The bidding was sparse at first, and I didn’t think I’d come anywhere near the reserve I’d set. Pam told me not to worry, that the seasoned EBay’ers would end the auction in a flurry of activity.

She was right. The last 5 minutes of the auction was – well – a blizzard of activity. The boat sold for a bunch more than the reserve, but still a very good bargain for the winner when compared to a new set of items.

The person is coming by tomorrow to pick up the boat and drop off the $.

What fun! And I will finally have some room in my garage.

Weather this nice just shouldn’t be allowed

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in the Pacific Northwest.  Absolutely fabulous.  Clear skies both yesterday and today.  Highs right around 80 both days.  Low humidity.

Prime cookout weather, and it’s only the second weekend of April.  (And yes, the burgers and dogs were delicious, thank you.)

I somehow managed to keep myself indoors long enough to work through some test driven design exercises.  But it wasn’t easy (the staying indoors), and it didn’t last long.  Perhaps I’ll get back to it again tonight.

So what am I doing inside writing a post when it’s 80 degrees outside?  Well, I just washed my Jetta and I’m about to take it out for a spin.  But I had to make a quick comment about the weather first.

Certainly makes the first week of January a distant memory (snow / ice storm that left Portland frozen in for 4 days).

Ta ta!

An early afternoon snack

Do you ever find yourself driving along in your car and you feel as though nobody can see inside your car?

You know you’ve done it.  We all have.

Pam and I were driving over to McMenamin’s this evening for an early dinner.  On the way we stopped at a traffic light and a guy in a pickup truck pulled up behind me.  I was looking at his truck in my mirror and I noticed he was talking on a cell phone.  I also noticed he was digging at his nose pretty good.


He was blissfully alone in his own little world.  Talking on the cell phone and digging for gold.

He struck something important and pulled out his index finger.  He frowned a bit then flicked his finger out the window.

He next started in on his ear, but didn’t find anything rewarding.  So he went back to his nostril with his thumb this time.  Jackpot!  His eyebrows flashed up.  He started to smile and pulled his thumb from the deep recesses of his left nasal passage.

He smiled with a satisfied grin and put his reward somewhere on the dash – I assume in the ashtray, but I could be wrong.  He looked like a collector.  He might have a custom juicy bugger holder specially installed inside his truck.  He may have been heading to the bar where he could show off his collection to his buddies, who would stand around in awe, giving him high fives and clapping him on his back.

At least he didn’t eat it.

Unless you have super-dark tinted windows like all the gangsta’s in Rory’s new neighborhood, people can see you when you’re driving.

Which horror show to watch?

I watched the remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” last night with my son and daughter.  It was a typical “thriller” / “suspense” movie in which people do absolutely stupid things so they get killed.  The guy running around with a 20 pound chainsaw is a world class sprinter by the way.  And of course all the 19-year-old kids run like they’re stuck in a big mud pit.

It was either watch that or watch Georgia Tech get slaughtered by UConn.  Heh.  The movie was a bit less predictable.