Things that go ‘howl’ in the night

Man, what time is it?  Since I’m no longer running my computer as Administrator the system clock doesn’t correct itself anymore.  Heh.  I’ve even removed the clock from the system tray because it’s always wrong.  I know that it’s late (or early) but how late (early)?  Ah, it’s only just after 1 AM.  I’ve been fiddling with my new Northwest Evening Blend wiki and I completely lost track of time.

A train passed by a minute ago.  (I live about a mile from the Columbia River.  There’s a train track that runs along the river.)  The train blew its horn.   A nearby coyote howled back.  Cool, and not so cool.  One of my cats was nearly eviscerated a couple of months ago by a coyote.  Not a pleasant event.  Nope.

The howl in the middle of the night also gave me chills for another reason.  At tonight’s (last night’s) Portland Nerd Dinner Chris said that Dawn of the Dead is a must see.  On par with 28 Days Later.  Haven’t seen the former; have seen the latter.  OK.  I admit I’m a scared little puppy.  Where’d I put my blankie?

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