I hate it when someone says this

I’m sitting in a presentation right now.  The speaker just asked for a show of hands of those who are familiar with <blah>, and 90% of the audience lifted their hands.

He then followed it with…

OK.  I know you’re already familiar with this [the content on a particular slide] so I won’t bore you with it

signaling that he would move right along to the next slide.


<the part I hate>

But then the speaker spent the next 5 minutes talking about the content on the slide that he wasn’t going to talk about.

</the part I hate>


Damn, I hate it.

Move on!  Be nice to the audience.

What is this guy thinking?

Ralph Nader has thrown his hat into the 2004 Presidential race.

Does he actually think he stands a chance of winning?  Or does he just want to muck up things like he did in 2000.  Sure, take part in the process, use your name to help shape the debate, raise awareness on issues.

But for him to run as an independent is just self-serving glorification.  Hopefully he won’t raise enough signatures to get placed on the ballot.

I’m not in the “anybody but Bush” camp, but I’m definitely in the “Nader, get real” camp.

Interesting web site: http://www.ralphdontrun.net/.

On the road again

Just got back from the Oregon coast — seems like only a few hours ago — and now I’m back on the road again.  This time back to Seattle for a week-long conference, which is preceded by a 2-day pre-conference conference.

This is fun


I’m reading “Extreme Programming Adventures in C#” by Ron Jefferies.  I’m working through the examples he’s given using VS.NET, Nunit for regression testing, and a single user edition of Vault for source code control.  So far I really like the format for the book.  It’s interesting to read what’s going on in his head as he’s learning C# while using Extreme Programming concepts.  I know C#; I don’t know Extreme Programming.

I’m also sitting on the bed in my condo, listening to the waves crash onto the rocks at Depoe Bay, Oregon.  Glass of wine on the nightstand.  TV turned off.

And I’m soooo relaxed.

This is the way work ought to be.  🙂

Get real

I was out and about today and a car passed me.  I looked over as it passed and on the inside of the windshield the guy had a radar detector.


But as the car passed on by I saw “Toyota Prius Hybrid.”

Heh.  A Prius with a radar detector.

Big dreams.

Vacation, reading, and DevDays

We’re heading off to the Oregon coast for a few days.  I’m taking my laptop, but all I’ll have is a dial up connection.  May or may not blog while I’m away but I’m sure I’ll have some good items for posting when I return.

I’m taking “Extreme Programming Adventures in C#” by Ron Jeffries.  He wrote it with an interesting take on things, almost as though it’s a documentary.  He’s going to describe how he learned C# and some of the lessons he learned about learning.  It should be a real, uh, learning experience.

And just for fun I’m bringing along the slides for DevDays 2004.  The Portland event will be on 3/17 (Happy St. Patty’s Day!) and in Seattle on 3/18.  Lots of excellent speakers in both cities.  If you haven’t registered, go do it today!   http://www.microsoft.com/devdays2004.

And who knows.  Maybe by the time I return my hosting provider will have my SMTP service working correctly again.

See ya!

Poop! email isn’t working!

I’m not ignoring your comments… I’m just not receiving them at all right now.  Something goofy is going on.

[Update: Turns out there was a spammer doing his (her?) dirty deed from the same server my site is located on so they shut down SMTP for everyone on the server.  “Poop” is right.  Turd spammer.]

Time to sleep

I’m going to sleep well tonight.  I successfully installed dasBlog 1.4xxx then upgraded it to 1.5xxx.

My Blogroll is almost up to date.

I can now post from Outlook using the NewsGator plug-in for dasBlog.

I can also post from OneNote (as I’m doing now).

Justin and Janet said they really didn’t mean to do it.  I believe them.  Uh.  Right.

One thing…  When posting through OneNote I haven’t found a way to specify a category.  Anyone know how to do it?

Good night.  🙂