Digital camera

This morning I’ve been looking through the pictures I’ve taken so far this year and it made me realize how much I like my digital camera. It’s not really all that special: 3.1 megapixel with a little bit of zoom. It’s a couple of years old  and it’s kinda clunky looking. But it works. I bought a 128 meg storage card for it, which allows me to store a bunch of pictures at a time.

I use rechargeable batteries now which helps keep that cost down. I don’t think there really is an off switch on the camera. It’s more like…

  • Off mode: “use some juice all the time”
  • Photo mode: “use lots of juice”
  • Photo mode with preview screen: “drain the battery now!”

But with the Lithium rechargeable batteries – no worries. I bought them on sale at Target for about the price of 12 regular batteries.

The best thing about digital is that it’s so nice to be able to keep only the pictures I like and nuke the others.

So many people

It’s hard to fathom the numbers – projections of over 100,000 people who will die as a result of the tsunami last weekend. Last night Pam and I watched a special on TV that put faces with the numbers. So many individual stories of loss and tragedy. The few stories they were able to tell were heartbreaking. And when you multiply that by tens of thousands…. Oh my.